December 9, 2023

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Increase the Time

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Can You Increase the Time that Is Available to You?

CoolCherryTrees | Can You Increase the Time that Is Available to You? | A significant amount of the pressure in our lives can be reduced if we are just able to make more time available for the various activities that we have to do. Just think about a salesperson who has to sell 40 units of the product within a month. This is a pressure-inducing situation, definitely. Now, probably the salesperson is confident of selling those 40 units. However, the pressure is built up on account of the time factor. If more time was available to that person, wouldn’t they be more confident of fulfilling the task? That itself would remove the pressure.

As students, we always felt elated whenever any examination was postponed. Remember that feeling of extreme relief? Just a day’s extension would mean a lot. What would change in that day? We would still have to give the examination, but now we were confident that we would perform better because we would get more time to practice.

Time, certainly, means a lot to us. It helps you us get a better facility to practice, to use the resources that we have on hand.

But, the question is—can we increase this time that is available to us?

The truth is that we can. We can, if we put in some efforts, do a better job. We can improve the time that is available to us and move on with our life in a better way.

One of the things we can do is to do everything on a timely basis. Procrastination is the thief of time. There are numerous times when we delay doing things just because we feel we can still do it later. However, unforeseen events may put a spanner in the works and we may not be able to accomplish what we set out to do.

This is quite a difficult situation to be in, as many of us who have not done our jobs on time may already be quite aware of.

There is another thing that can improve the time that is available to us. That is through prioritizing our work. All of us have several things to do at any instant… things relating to our personal lives, our professional lives, our social lives and so on. We need to learn to prioritize these tasks, putting those that are more important to be accomplished on top of the heap, followed by the lesser important ones.

We cannot change the quantity of time that we have. But we can certainly put more quality into the hours that we have. If we learn how to diligently use this resource, which has been equitably distributed to everyone on this planet, we will certainly be able to become more productive in our lives.